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Hand Up Grants (HUGS)

Policy Guidelines

I. Purpose
The Fairy Godmothers Hand Up Grant or HUG is a needs-based, one-time financial assistance grant (one-time renewal to be determined) providing assistance to a woman who is accepted or enrolled in a course or courses at Manhattan Area Technical College, Manhattan Christian College, Bellus Academy or K-State Global Campus . The applicant should have a personal goal of financial independence or job advancement through education.

II. Eligibility
A woman is eligible to apply to the Fairy Godmothers Grants Committee for a Hand Up Grant if she:

  • is 18 years or older
  • lives in Manhattan or Riley County, Kansas
  • is a citizen of the United States
  • is accepted as a student at one of the three schools listed in the “Purpose” section of this document.
  • qualifies with an initial screening application at an approved Fairy Godmothers Agency, namely Shepherd’s Crossing.

III. Amount of Grant
A quote for the amount of the grant must be presented at the Initial Screening with the Agency. The maximum grant is $3,000. A woman may request less than the maximum when the full amount is not essential. The total grant awarded is based on the availability of funds and applicant’s individual needs and ability to benefit from the grant.

IV. Use of Grant
When a grant is awarded, any and all payments go directly to the vendor. The money is intended as a grant-in-aid for educational expenses such as:

  • Tuition
  • Books and supplies
  • Testing and graduation fees
  • Equipment or tools necessary for the course of study

Application Procedures and Presentation

I. Initial Screening by Agency
The applicant shall make an appointment with Shepherd’s Crossing in Manhattan, Kansas, to complete an Initial Screening by Agency and to fill out the Hand Up Grant Financial Needs form. If money is available and if she qualifies, the Agency will direct her to the Fairy Godmothers Grants Committee Co-Chairs to schedule an interview.

The time frame recommendation for application is no less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the course(s).

Documents needed for the Interview:

  • GMCF Fairy Godmothers Hand Up Grant Application Initial Screening by Agency form
  • GMCF Fairy Godmothers Hand Up Grant Application Financial Needs form
  • Personal budget
  • Verification of acceptance to the school
  • Invoice for tuition or other related charges and name and address of vendor to be paid directly
  • Transcript of past work (generally after high school)

Contact Shepherd's Crossing:
Phone: 785-776-1470

II. Interview
When an applicant qualifies and the Agency notifies one of the Fairy Godmothers Grants Committee Co-Chairs, the Co-Chairs will assemble a committee of 3 members selected from among the Fairy Godmothers Grants Committee members plus one or both of the Grants Co-Chairs. The Committee will review the Initial Screening by Agency form and the Hand Up Grant Financial Needs form.

The Co-Chair(s) will schedule an interview with the applicant. This committee will be chaired by a Grants Committee Co-Chair and will be called the “Hand Up Grant Committee for .”

The Fairy Godmothers Grants Co-Chair who chairs the “Hand Up Grant Committee” will conduct the interview according to the “Hand Up Grant Application Interview” form. All applicants should be asked the same or similar questions according to this form.

After the Interview, the committee will meet to decide whether to award the grant and for what amount. The Grants Committee Co-Chair will notify the applicant in writing whether she has received a grant or not – and for how much and to whom the check(s) will be written.

III. Presentation of Grant
The Fairy Godmothers Grants Committee Co-Chair will call a meeting of the Hand Up Grant Committee for the applicant and will present a letter saying how much is awarded and to whom the check(s) will be written.

IV. Fairy Godmothers Grants Committee Involvement
The “Hand Up Grant Committee” for the applicant will keep in touch with the recipient as much as possible. Suggestions include:

  • Scheduling a congratulatory interview with a local radio station or newspaper
  • Sending a press release or photo to a local newspaper
  • Sending a birthday card to the recipient
  • Attending the recipient’s graduation or certification ceremony if applicable
  • Inviting the recipient for lunch or coffee to see how she is doing while taking the course
  • Inviting the recipient to speak to the Fairy Godmothers at one of their events such as the Lingerie Luncheon or the Annual Event
  • Inviting the recipient to a Wanderful Wednesday
  • Any other thoughtful ways to keep in touch

One Hand Up Grant Committee member (or another Fairy Godmother) should be appointed as mentor for the grantee to make sure the follow-up takes place.

At the interview, the grantee should be notified that follow-up such as this will occur and that she may be expected to speak about her experiences as a grantee. She should also know that press releases may be written and that her name will be made public.

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