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Hidden needs for women exist all around us.

Examples include having a car fixed so a young woman can get to her job, providing dentures for an elderly woman or enrolling for that first class toward a degree at the technical college. Fairy Godmothers provided up to $600 for each grant to help the dreams of area women in need come true. Since 2017, Fairy Godmothers have been able to support qualified women with a grant up to $800. Additionally, a HUG (Hand Up Grant), to offer financial assistance to a local woman for a course or certification program that leads to employment or job advancement, was begun. The maximum amount awarded is $3,000, but the amount is determined by the Fairy Godmothers. The first HUG was awarded in June 2018.

In 2006, Manhattan women saw the need for a way to help women in our community. This need led to establishing Field of Interest Funds within the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation called the Fairy Godmothers’ Funds. More details are included in our history.

The earnings from the Fairy Godmothers’ Endowed Fund, together with a portion of funds raised at fundraising events and gifts directed to the Grants Fund, provide flexible, accessible monies to address immediate, short term, critical needs for women not being met by traditional funding sources.

Members of the Fairy Godmothers share a strong commitment to continually increase the endowment so Manhattan area women can lead lives filled with promise and opportunity. Members become Fairy Godmothers because they care and they want to help. They know their donations will make a difference.

Currently nearly 700 women are actively contributing and participating. Many members choose to serve on working committees or on the Advisory Board. Contributions continue to increase as the number of Fairy Godmothers grows, ensuring the unending progress toward the group’s mission.

The Fairy Godmothers’ Funds are significantly enhanced by corporate sponsors. The Godmothers host several annual events.

Fairies are kept informed of fundraising progress and upcoming events through email notifications and by visiting this website.

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