Wishes Granted

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    • Dental Work

      Needing to have a cracked/split tooth fixed, an elderly woman who lives on social security applied to the Fairies for a grant.  Because she does not have any dental coverage through Medicare she could not afford to have the tooth fixed.  If she did not get the tooth repaired it could create an infection and it was causing her pain.  The dentist received a grant to repair the tooth for her.

    • Dental Work

      A single mother with a young son had to have many teeth pulled because of an abusive relationship.  She had been working but got injured and has had difficulty getting back to work.  She thinks that dentures would help her get a better job.  A grant from the Fairies made the dentures possible.

    • Employment Preparation Assistance & Vehicle Repair

      An abusive husband caused a mother of four to have to rebuild lives for herself and her children.  She needed some help and asked the Fairies for money for a background check, an application fee for an emergency teaching certificate, and repairs for their car.

    • Books for Education

      Both personally and financially a single mom has had a rough few months.  She is going to school with the goal of getting into dental hygiene school.  She asked the Fairies for help to buy her books.

    • New Glasses

      A Manhattan resident was in need of some glasses.  Her vision is very poor and she did not have insurance to cover her vision.  An agency paid for her initial visit to see the eye doctor and the doctor said that she needed new glasses.  The Fairies were able to provide the glasses.