Wishes Granted

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    • Car Repairs

      A single mother who is a partially disabled veteran landed in the emergency shelter and needed her car repaired so that she could look for employment.

    • Car Tags and Insurance

      A mother of a small son lost her job several months ago and is working part time jobs. She needed car tags and insurance to go to a job interview and to keep looking for a job.

    • Dental Bill

      A woman recently lost her job and has multiple medical problems.  She needed help paying her dental bill.  She felt that having her teeth fixed would help her in finding a job.

    • Tuition

      Fairy Godmothers paid $600 toward summer tuition at MATC so that a woman could work on her degree in business.  She hopes to make a better life for herself and her two children.

    • Family Needed Beds

      A single mother makes only $8.00 an hour and needed beds for two of her children and for herself.  Her budget was too tight to afford anything besides rent and other necessities