Wishes Granted

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    • Car Repairs

      A woman in her 50's cares for her disabled sister in her home. The woman has a part-time job, but lost transportation to get to the job when the fuel pump went out on her car. The fairies assisted her in paying for the repairs and she was able to return to work.

    • Homecare Service 

      A new mother was diagnosed with postpartum  depression.  Her husband had to return to work and  they were concerned about leaving her alone with the baby.  Her insurance would not cover homecare service.  She received a grant to cover having someone stay with her when needed.  It turns out that the grant was never used but it gave the family a lot of peace of mind to know that the service was available.

    • New Dentures

      Dentures were necessary for a young mother with two young daughters.  She had been paying for the dentures for three years but could not pay for the final steps of impressions and fittings for her dentures.  She needed the dentures in order to improve her health.  When she got the dentures her daughters said, “ Mom, now you can smile.”

    • Daycare for working mom 

      Daycare is essential for a single mother who works and is trying hard to keep a tight budget together.  A grant allowed us to help her with that expense.

    • CMA Certification

      Helping with education and getting a better job – that is what a grant did for one young woman who had her CNA (Certified Nurse’s Aide Certificate) but could make more money with the CMA (Certified Medical Aide Certification).  A grant from the Fairies allowed her to achieve that goal.