Wishes Granted

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    • House Fire

      The mother of 8-and-10-year-old sons lost much when her house caught fire. She was offered employment in Junction City but she was unable to commit to it because her car was unreliable. She paid part of the bill for car repairs, and with the fairies paying the balance she was able to accept the job. In time, she will be able to replace some of her losses.

    • New Glasses

      A mother of two in her 30's studied to get her Certified Nurse's Assistant license. Her glasses made it difficult to see the blackboard and to work with microfilm. She was able to pay for her eye exam, but needed help with purchasing new glasses. The fairies were pleased to help with the bill because they recognized that the license would help her increase her family income.

    • Insurance

      A young mother with a small daughter struggles to get by. She has a job but had to let her car insurance and car tag lapse. She knows she should not be driving without them but needs transportation to work. The fairies helped pay her insurance for three months and her registration and tag renewal.

    • Storage Rent

      When a husband and wife separated, she stayed with friends for a time but finally ended up in the Emergency Shelter. She was able to recover some of her belongings and put them in storage. Although she had been searching for a job, she had no income. The bill on her stored items came due, and the fairies paid for several months to give her time to get back on her feet.

    • Pipes Froze

      A small grant from the fairies enabled a woman to have water again after the pipes under her mobile home froze and broke. She was living on a very limited income and had no money for emergencies.