Wishes Granted

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    • Dental Work

      A woman, who recently left an abusive husband, now faces financial struggles. She needed a root canal and crown for a tooth that was causing a great deal of pain. The fairies assisted with the cost of the needed dental work. 

    • Car Stalling

      Because her car stalled repeatedly, a woman who had been unemployed for two months was able to get around to job interviews with the help of a grant from the fairies covering her car repairs. 

    • Job Search

      A single mother of one daughter lost her in-home daycare business due to an illness. In order to look for a job outside of her home she needed car repairs. She was able to pay a portion of the car repair bill, and the fairies covered the rest. 

    • Air Conditioning

      A mother and her child were able to move into their own apartment. The mom has a part time job at a local fast food restaurant and receives food stamps from SRS funding. The very hot summer became unbearable for the them because the apartment had no air conditioning. The fairies provided funds for a window unit. 

    • Hard-working Student

      A non-traditional K-State student with two teenaged children works part time and attends classes. She will soon have her degree and has emphasized to her children the importance of getting an education. She needed some help with a wobbling and vibrating car and the fairies stepped in.