Wishes Granted

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    • College Aid

      A young single mother had just passed her GED and she wanted to take a course at Manhattan Area Technical College. She had no means to pay for the course, but a grant from the fairies made it possible. 

    • Counseling

      A woman needed help to pay a bill for mental health counseling. A grant from the fairies helped her pay for that expense so she could then continue necessary physical therapy sessions and return to normal activities. 

    • New Clothes

      A woman needed professional clothing for an internship and job interviews. The fairies provided a grant to help her buy appropriate clothing. 

    • Window Replacement

      The freezing temperatures shattered the back window of a woman’s car. A grant from the fairies was used to replace the window and she was then able to transport her children to school and herself to job interviews. 

    • Diapers and Wipes

      A woman documented that she had been shorted on her social security check and as a result, she was unable to cover her expenses while the problem was being resolved. A Salvation Army representative went with her to buy two month’s supply of diapers and wipes for her two small children, using a grant from the fairies to pay for the items.